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The association's mission is to promote excellence in medical communication. Through an extensive educational program, various publications, and unparalleled opportunities for networking, AMWA encourages and enables medical communicators to extend their professional expertise. Learn more About Us.

About Medical Communications

What is medical communication, and what do medical communicators do? Where do they work, and what do they earn? AMWA provides information about the field of medical communication, support to break into the profession, and opportunities to hone your skills.

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AMWA Lines of Communication

Welcome to AMWA's blog, Lines of Communication. These blog posts are designed to enhance communication between AMWA leaders and the AMWA community. Currently, AMWA bloggers include Brian Bass, who writes From the President's Desk, and Lori Alexander, who posts in Conference Connections. Discover new posts here on the homepage, or visit the Lines of Communication main blog page to find more!

  • A funny thing happened on my way to the forum...

    AMWA members are pretty savvy with technology. But when posting recently to one of the online forums I discovered a lot of members do not know how to set themselves up to follow forums or discussion topics. For a while, it was Greek to me, too! Now people are catching on and the forums are starting to catch fire.

  • Of students, scholars, and surveys

    We were all students once, and some of us still are. AMWA is excited to be supporting student research in biomedical communications, a subject that is certainly near and dear to our hearts! I invite you to read on, and I urge you to participate.

  • Off to a great start!

    As February comes to a close, we are off to a great start! I am excited to report on the progress we have been making in keeping AMWA on track and moving in the right direction.

AMWA Journal

The AMWA Journal is a nationally circulated, peer-reviewed publication that aims to be the authoritative, comprehensive source of information about knowledge, skills, and opportunities in the field of medical communication worldwide. The AMWA Journal is the official publication of AMWA and is delivered quarterly to AMWA members as a member benefit. 

AMWA Freelance Directory

The AMWA Freelance Directory is a searchable online directory of freelance medical writers.  AMWA members working as freelance or contract medical communicators may choose to list their services in the directory. Employers can easily search the listings for the medical communicators to meet the needs of any project. This free, convenient online directory is an essential tool to find the perfect freelancer.