About Medical Communications

Medical communications is a general term for the development and production of materials that deal specifically with medicine or healthcare.

Medical communicators write, edit, or develop materials about medicine and health. They do this by gathering, organizing, interpreting, and presenting information in a manner appropriate for the target audience. Professional medical communicators have communication expertise, awareness of ethical standards, and health care knowledge.

Materials prepared by medical communicators, collaborating with others or working independently, include the following:

  • Patient education brochures, news articles, Web content, and books for the general public

  • Journal articles and continuing education monographs for health care professionals

  • Regulatory documents for government agencies

  • Grant proposals for research scientists and institutions

  • Sales training and marketing materials for the pharmaceutical industry

The best way to learn about medical writing, build your skills, make useful contacts, and explore career opportunities is by joining AMWA and getting involved with local and national activities. 
If you are interested in becoming a medical writer please see our Toolkit for New Medical Writers for more information on how to start your new career!