Workshop & Certificate Programs

AMWA workshops and certificate programs allow medical communicators to increase their knowledge, refresh their skills, and investigate new areas of practice. Credit workshops provide an interactive 3-hour learning experience with peers and AMWA’s expert workshop leaders. Depending on the content covered, workshops comprise 16-30 attendees and include real-life exercises and small-group breakouts. As the world of medical communication changes, the association updates existing workshops and develops new ones.

Enrollment is required in order to earn an AMWA certificate. The enrollment fee is a one-time fee. Only enrolled participants can receive credits toward a certificate. Additional fees apply for workshop participation and self-study module purchases. You must be logged into the website in order to receive member pricing. Member versus Non-Member pricing can be viewed on this chart. You may earn AMWA certificate credit by participating in 8 AMWA workshops in a specialty area, including 1 ethics workshop designated for that certificate. Earning an AMWA certificate is a respected part of a career path in the field and is required by some employers.

AMWA’s Essential Skills certificate is the foundation of its education program and must be earned before a specialty certificate can be awarded. However, you may enroll concurrently in more than 1 certificate program.
Essential Skills
This program provides many opportunities to improve basic editing, writing, communication, and bibliographic skills—skills that all medical communicators should possess, regardless of the area in which they work. All of the credits necessary for this certificate can also be obtained via self-study workshop modules. You may combine face-to-face workshops with self-study modules in order to complete this certificate. Learn more about the Essential Skills Workshops here.


Specialty Workshops

Composition & Publication
Workshops provide medical communicators with specialized editorial and publication skills, as well as in-depth consideration of issues in writing, editing, bibliographic research, education, and other topics of interest. Learn more about the Composition & Publication Workshops here.
Concepts in Science & Medicine
Workshops provide medical communicators with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of basic concepts in science and medicine. For those who are educated in non-science fields, the workshops provide an orientation to a scientific area and a foundation for further study. These workshops can provide those educated in science with opportunities to increase their knowledge and to learn about areas outside their specialties. Learn more about the Concepts in Science & Medicine Workshops here.
Regulatory & Research
Workshops provide medical communicators with specialized writing and science skills for regulatory and drug-development environments. Learn more about the Regulatory & Research Workshops here.

Policies and Procedures for Earning Certificate Credit
Corporate Onsite Workshop and Training Program