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The process of creating your membership profile is simple, and our website will walk you through each step.

1. Choose your membership option.
2. Agree to the AMWA Code of Ethics and Online Community Forums Terms of Use.
3. Create a record in our system.  The system will help verify whether or not there is already a record in our system for you or help you create a brand new profile.
4. Fill out your contact information and choose your chapter.  Please visit the AMWA Chapter map to identify your regional chapter.
5. Enter payment information.  Please note that membership dues are non-refundable upon activation of your membership.

To begin, please select the appropriate member type.
Membership Type Details  
Membership Options:
Type: Individual Record
Description: Professional (active) membership is available to persons engaged or interested in any aspect of communication in the medical or allied professions and sciences. Membership is subject to application and approval requirements specified by the Board of Directors, including acceptance of the AMWA Code of Ethics and the Online Community Forums Terms of Use.  
Membership Cost: $185.00
Membership Length: 12 month(s)
Online Directory: 5 online directory categories are included with the membership.
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