A funny thing happened on my way to the forum...

AMWA members are pretty savvy with technology. But when posting recently to one of the online forums I discovered a lot of members do not know how to set themselves up to follow forums or discussion topics. For a while, it was Greek to me, too! Now people are catching on and the forums are starting to catch fire.

Over the past few months I’ve enjoyed the growth in meaningful discussions in the Online Forums. Every few days I see posters in the Freelance Forum express thanks for the advice and resource links that were provided by fellow members. Recently we were treated to a marvelously insightful explanation of the statistics behind the AMWA Salary Survey as it concerns education level and income. I receive discussions nearly every day from the Grammar and Usage Forum and the Freelance Forum, where I’m constantly learning something new. The Tools and Resources, Education/Academia, Regulatory Writing, and Research Forums all have great discussions going on, and the Freelance Opportunities Forum is growing in value.

There are a couple of helpful things I think a lot of members have forgotten that I'd like to remind you about.
  • First, you can opt to follow an entire forum (like the Freelance Opportunities Forum), or just certain discussion topic within a forum (like the "eCTD viewer on a mac" discussion) in the Regulatory Writing Forum. To follow an entire forum, simply click Forum Options at the top right of the screen and select Watch This Forum from the drop down. To follow a particular discussion topic within a forum, click on the topic to open it, then click the Topic Options button on the right in the bar for that topic and select Watch This Topic from the drop down. When you follow a forum or discussion topic, you'll receive emails whenever someone posts to that forum or topic. If you no longer wish to follow a forum or discussion topic, simply select Un-watch from the same drop down.
  • Second, if you have authorized access to a special forum, such as the Freelance Opportunities Forum, which is only open to AMWA members who advertise in the AMWA Freelance Directory, you can set the forum to remember your special password so you're never more than one click away. Under the word Password, just click Keep Me Logged In On This Computer (Requires Cookies), and the system will place a cookie on your computer to remember you. This way, you can enter the forum without having to remember and re-enter your password each time. But remember, if you perform any computer hygiene or browser function that deletes your cookies, you will have to re-enter your password and click Keep Me Logged In again so your computer again remembers your password.

I know the Forums aren’t perfect. In a dynamic environment such as AMWA, perfection is elusive because our needs are constantly evolving. But your Online Community Department and AMWA headquarters, in conjunction with our vendor, are continuing to make progress. We continue to invite your suggestions on how we can improve your online experience.

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