Welcome to my first blog post

As medical communicators, we strive for excellence every day in our jobs. As the leading professional organization for medical communicators, AMWA is committed to the same goal. I am excited to be launching this blog as a way for me to communicate directly with you about things happening at AMWA that you might not know about, and for me to get feedback from you regarding these posts. Join me by clicking on the blog post title above to read my first post.

With each passing presidency we learn more about how AMWA can best inform our members about what’s going on, and enable members to inform us. Since I became president-elect I’ve wanted to start a blog as the next big step in that communication evolution, and here it is!

My goal for this blog is to share with you what’s on my mind regarding the inner workings of AMWA. The things I’m excited about. The things we’re doing. The things members typically don’t know about but should. A second goal is to post at least a couple of times each month, so I hope you’ll check back here often.

I also want this blog to help humanize AMWA for you. We are a volunteer organization, which means that the 13 people serving on the Executive Committee (EC) including your elected officials (like me), the dozens of people who represent you as chapter delegates on the Board of Directors (BOD), and the scores of people who chair and do the work of our committees, do so in addition to their day jobs. Why do we do it? Because we believe in AMWA and are committed to guiding AMWA forward so it remains the leading professional organization for medical communicators.

AMWA volunteers are responsible for making the decisions and implementing the programs and, yes, changes, you see taking place. We leave our personal interests, preferences, and prejudices, at the door so we can do what’s best for AMWA. That’s not always easy, or popular. Sometimes the right decision isn’t right for everyone, at least not immediately. Because we’re volunteers, we ask that you let us know when things are going right (who doesn’t like a good ego boost?) and that you go easy on us when things aren’t going as well as they should. We want to know about those things so we can make them better while ensuring we always benefit the greatest number of members and the organization overall.

Please remember that the AMWA staff members at headquarters are people, too. We have a team of 9 talented staff members who work tirelessly and are just as committed to AMWA as our volunteers. They’re all wonderful and we wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything we do without them. They are the “face” of AMWA when you call or email, and the work they do is in support of your EC and BOD. Like our volunteers, they strive to always do their best for you, our members. Sometimes there is room for improvement, and we can make that a positive communication experience, too.

So in this, my first blog, I want to start by wishing you a peaceful close to 2013 and a bright beginning to 2014. It is an honor to serve you as president, and I am very excited for the year ahead of us. I also want to invite you to stay in touch with me. Please send your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and ideas regarding my posts to me at