AMWA Certificates

Earn an AMWA certificate to
  • Enhance your professional credibility.
  • Show your commitment to excellence in medical communications.
  • Refine and refresh your skillset and expertise.
  • Maximize your competitive edge.

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Essential Skills. Take your good foundation of experience to the next level! You’ll improve basic editing, writing, communication, and bibliographic skills. These truly are the essential skills that can serve as the foundation for success in the profession. 

More details about how the certificate program works.

AMWA Workshops are offered at the Medical Writing & Communication Conference in November and Chapter Conferences this spring.

Currently scheduled workshops include:
April 22, Southwest Chapter Conference, Austin, TX: Proofreading (CP)
May 5, Carolinas Chapter Conference, Chapel Hill, NC: Ethical Standards in Medical Publications (CP) and Writing a Protocol in Compliance with ICH Guidelines (RR)

Previous AMWA Certificates:
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Core Certificate
Science Fundamentals Certificate
Composition and Publication

Concepts in Science and Medicine
Regulatory and Research