CORE Reference

Clarity and Openness in Reporting:
E3-based (CORE) Reference

The CORE Reference is an open-access resource to support medical writers in the authoring of clinical study reports for interventional studies.

CORE (Clarity and Openness in Reporting: E3-based) Reference is now online.

The CORE Reference launch marks 2 years of EMWA-AMWA joint endeavour via the Budapest Working Group. The 'launch paper' can be found in the BioMed Central journal, Research Integrity and Peer Review

Read the abstract.

Recent news:

1. Comments from the ‘6-week open comment period’, and our responses to those comments now available.

2. Review the growing list of companies telling us they have adopted the use of and declare support for CORE Reference.

3. Watch the complimentary webinar CORE Reference: A Medical Writer’s Guide to Preparing CSRs in an Evolving Context (login required) to learn more about how to implement the CORE Reference. 

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