Corporate Onsite Training Program

Do you want less time away from the office and no travel expenses? If so, AMWA’s most highly rated workshops and leaders can bring the learning experience to your location so that you can learn along with your co-workers. 

  • AMWA workshops are 3 hours in duration.
  • $4,500 per workshop plus $2,500 for a second workshop on the same day.
  • Workshop leader travel expenses (airfare, accommodations, and meals).
Scheduling and Lead-Time
  • 4 to 6 months prior to the workshop(s).
Workshop Descriptions
  • Download the complete list of available workshops here.
  • Workshop descriptions are sent to the on-site company’s representative upon request.
  • The contract is between the company and AMWA.
  • AMWA contacts and pays the workshop leader.
  • The on-site company representative may contact the workshop leader after the contract is signed.
  • Once the contract is signed, there is a $2,500 cancellation or rescheduling fee.
Number of Students
  • The maximum number of attendees per workshop is 30 (16 for advanced workshops).
  • There is no minimum number of attendees required.
Workshop Credit
The company’s employees may receive credit towards an AMWA Certificate for the workshops they take on-site provided they have:
  • Enrolled in the certificate program to which the workshop is applicable.
  • Complete the homework.
  • Attended the entire workshop.

If the employee is not enrolled in an AMWA certificate program and wishes to do so, he/she can visit AMWA’s website to enroll. There is a 90-day window after the workshop in which to enroll in the certificate. 

  • Completion of pre-workshop homework is strongly recommended.
  • The homework master is sent to the on-site representative for distribution to participants.
  • The workshop leader must receive completed homework 2 weeks in advance of the workshop as the leader tailors each session to attendee needs.
Handouts and Evaluations
  • In-class handout masters and workshop evaluation links will be emailed to the on-site representative at least 1 week prior to the workshop.
  • Handouts should be duplicated and distributed to attendees at the respective workshop/s.
  • Links should be provided to the attendees after the workshop with encouragement to complete the on-line evaluation.
  • Scores and comments are compiled into a report that is sent to the on-site company representative.
  • The company will be invoiced for the workshops at the time of the agreement.
  • A minimum of $2,500 is due at that time with the remainder due within 30 days.
  • Post-workshop(s) AMWA will invoice the company for the workshop leader’s travel expenses.
For more information contact AMWA's Education staff.