Get FIT with AMWA

Fast Interactive Training

AMWA’s new FIT Series helps medical communicators stay healthy. In only 15 minutes, jog your memory, tone your writing muscles, build your core skills, and stretch your knowledge.

Current  topics in the series include:

Dangling Participles
Identify, avoid, and correctly edit a common syntactical error, the dangling participle.

Mean, Median, and Mode
Gain a solid understanding of three of the most common statistical terms used in data analysis:  mean, median, and mode. 

Measures of Variability
Describe data sets in terms of their variability by properly defining the concepts of range, interquartile range, and standard deviation.

Misplaced Modifiers
Improve your writing style by learning how and where to use modifiers.  

Only $20 each.
Each activity is approved for .5 CE.
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