Guidelines for Document Designers

Guidelines for Document Designers is a short, practical, evidence-based handbook for writers and editors who develop functional communications. 

What are document design guidelines?

This seminal publication consists of 25 principles that every author should consider when developing a publication.

Who can benefit from these guidelines?
Anyone, even professional communicators! Learn these basic design principles and apply those lessons to any publication.

How do I use the guidelines?
These principles are designed to be a reference tool. No matter what stage of the writing process you find yourself in, keep these guidelines handy.

Originally published in 1981 as the result of a federally funded Document Design Project at the American Institutes for Research in Washington, DC, it is now available as a downloadable, searchable, e-publication for AMWA members only. Featuring a new introduction by the original project director and co-author Janice (Ginny) Redish, Guidelines for Document Designers remains a relevant resource to support quality document design and excellence in medical communication.

Guidelines for Document Designers is available in AMWA Online Learning along with other members-only resources!