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The AMWA Journal is a nationally circulated, peer-reviewed publication that aims to be the authoritative, comprehensive source of information about knowledge, skills, and opportunities in the field of medical communication worldwide. The Journal is the official publication of AMWA and is delivered quarterly to AMWA members as a member benefit. Through a print journal, online exclusive content, and other media formats, such as podcasts, the AMWA Journal offers content that helps medical communicators:

  • Improve their practice skills
  • Enhance their understanding of medical science
  • Advance their career
  • Increase their productivity and efficiency
  • Gain insight into important issues and research in the field

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Spotlight Articles

Physician Payment Sunshine Act: Potential Implications for Medical Publication Professionals (March 2012)
Pondering Medical Writing Certification (September 2011)

Evidence of the wide range of topics in the Journal is found in the list of its regular and recurring features:

AMWA Journal Blog
The AMWA Journal Blog further enhances Journal readers' experiences by providing access to online resources related to Journal articles across the years, as well as links to relevant blogs and websites.
Submissions for the AMWA Journal
The AMWA Journal encourages submissions, especially manuscripts reporting original research in the field. For a discussion of some important research topics, read "Just Who Are We and What Are We Doing, Anyway? Needed Research in Medical Writing." Easy-to-follow submission guidelines and author forms are available here. If you have questions or would like to discuss your manuscript idea with the Journal editor, Vicki White.
AMWA Journal Collections
Compilations of Journal content on focused topics are available in the AMWA Journal Collections series. The first two editions of this e-book series are Exploring a Career in Medical Communication and Authorship and Acknowledgment.
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