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The AMWA Journal is a nationally circulated, peer-reviewed publication that aims to be the authoritative, comprehensive source of information about knowledge, skills, and opportunities in the field of medical communication worldwide. 

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The Journal is the official publication of AMWA and is delivered quarterly to AMWA members as a member benefit.  Every issue includes an open access Spotlight Article to promote discussion within the wider medical writing community.

Open Access: From the Editor: The Discussion Continues (Fall 2014)
Open Access: Cracking the Medical Writer’s Genetic Code (Fall 2014)

Part of an ongoing discussion, among AMWA colleagues, on the importance of educational background among medical writers, William Van Nostran offers a defense of the value of English writing instruction as taught within the humanities. 

Additional reading, Fins, Pohl, and Doukas: In Praise of the Humanities in Academic Medicine, Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics / Volume 22 / Issue 04 / October 2013, pp 355-364.

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