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American Medical Writers Association Quarterly, Peer-Reviewed Journal
The AMWA Journal is the official publication of the American Medical Writers Association. Delivered quarterly to over 5,000 AMWA members and Journal subscribers, the AMWA Journal aims to be an authoritative, comprehensive source of information about the knowledge, skills, and opportunities in the field of medical communication worldwide.

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2017 Rates & Specs
Back Cover
8.75” × 11.25”
Inside Front Cover
8.75” × 11.25”
Inside Back Cover
8.75” × 11.25”
Full Page w/ Bleed
8.75” × 11.25”
Half Page Vertical
3.25” × 9.25
Half Page Horizontal
6.75” × 4.625”
Quarter Page Verticle
3.25” × 4.625”
8.5” × 11” image area
8.75” × 11.25” includes 1/8” bleed
General Requirement and Formats: 
  • A high-resolution PDF/X-1a file is required for all ads.
  • Colors must be CMYK. No ICC profiles, RGB or Pantone colors.
  • Resolution of all photography and scanned illustrations must be at least 300 dpi. Line art should be 600 dpi.
  • Vital copy and images must be at least 1/8” away from trim. Spread ads must have at least 3/8” total gutter.
  • Full page or half page ads that bleed should include 1/8” bleed on all sides. Crop marks should be included and must be offset from bleed by at least 0.2”.  Non-bleed ads do not require crop marks.
  • All fonts used must be embedded in the PDF file.
  • Using the bold, italic or other style keys is not encouraged. Please use the bold or italic version of the font. (For example, instead of making Adobe® Garamond bold with the style key, use the actual font for Adobe® Garamond Bold).
  • Flatten all layers and set transparency to highest setting.
  • Ads must be suitable to print as-is. AMWA is not responsible for any errors in content.
PLEASE NOTE: Materials that do not meet the stated advertising specifications will be rejected.
Necessary alterations are the responsibility of and at the expense of the advertiser. All materials must be submitted in accordance with the published deadlines and meet the criteria stated in the advertising policy.



Closing Date

Mailing Date

Spring (Vol 32, No. 1) January 15, 2017 March 2017
Summer (Vol 32, No. 2) April 15, 2017 June 2017
Fall (Vol 32, No. 3) July 15, 2017 September 2017
Winter (Vol 32, No. 4) October 15, 2017 December 2017


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