The 2013-2014 Call for Volunteers for AMWA committee opportunities has ended. Thank you to all who submitted a Volunteer Interest Form. 

As an AMWA volunteer, you can take pride in participating in activities that interest you while expanding your knowledge of medical writing, gaining valuable management and leadership skills, and connecting with others in your profession. We welcome members with all levels of expertise, professionals from all general and specialty areas, and all simply interested in helping support AMWA's ongoing development and growth.

Diversity of perspective is welcome on AMWA committees to ensure that the interests of new and seasoned professionals, different specialty and discipline areas, different regional areas, and new and long-term members are considered.

AMWA Volunteer Requirements and Process
Committee volunteers must be current members of AMWA. Time commitments vary widely depending on the committee, but volunteers can expect to correspond with other committee members regularly via email and to participate in one or two conference calls per month. The work of the Annual Conference Program Committee is focused on the first half of the calendar year.
Attending the annual conference is encouraged (but is not required). Volunteers are encouraged to participate in only one committee at a time to allow more members an opportunity to be actively involved in the organization.
Members are expected to respect the opinions of other committee members and the role of the committee chair.

Volunteer Appointments
Volunteer appointments are made by the incoming (2013-2014) Department Administrators. Most terms officially begin in December and end during the conclusion of the AMWA Annual Conference of the next year. The term of the Annual Conference Program Committee starts at the Annual Conference preceding the one that they are planning.
Volunteer appointments are made according to your indicated interests, skills, and strengths, as well as the needs of AMWA. Every effort will be made to make use of your time and talents in a way that will be meaningful to you and beneficial to AMWA.

Department Administrators review interest forms on an ongoing basis during the Call for Volunteers to help support their member selection process. Department Administrators will communicate via email to interested volunteers about their committee opportunities and discuss any details of assignments as part of the appointment process.

For more information, contact AMWA Deputy Director, Shari Rager, or contact the current department administrator or committee chair. AMWA members may access contact information for other members through the AMWA Member Directory (login required).

2013-14 AMWA Volunteer Opportunities
2013-14 AMWA Department Administrators

Volunteer opportunities do come up through the year and will be posted on this page and through AMWA Update. To volunteer for your local AMWA Chapter, please contact your chapter leadership for more information.