The Medical Writing Certification Examination covers broad aspects of medical writing, so additional review may be necessary for medical writers who are unfamiliar with an area of the profession.

Reviewing the Examination Content Outline is a great way to begin preparing for the exam. The Content Outline can help you decide whether you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities that will be tested in the Medical Writing Certification Examination.

What Is on the Exam?
All exam questions relate directly to the knowledge, skills, and abilities linked to the 5 domains of the content outline (Gathering, Evaluating, Organizing, Interpreting, and Presenting). 

See Appendix 3 of the Applicant and Candidate Handbook for representative examples of questions that will be on the certification examination.

The 125-question, multiple-choice exam is completed with paper and pencil, in English, over a 2.5-hour period.

Preparation Resources
A select list of resources is available in the Applicant and Candidate Handbook.
Watch the video Earning The MWC®: What You Need to Know to help you prepare.