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Featured Activities

FIT: Fast Interactive Training
AMWA’s new FIT Series helps medical communicators stay healthy. In only 15 minutes, jog your memory, tone your writing muscles, build your core skills, and stretch your knowledge. Read More.

Unlock the Secrets to Freelance Success
Relevant and practical advice from industry professionals. Run your business like a pro with these 3 on-demand videos: Essential Ingredients of a Successful Freelance Business, Bad Behaviors That Can Sabotage Your Business, and Getting the Clients You Deserve. Read More.

Check. Correct. Improve. Be Your Own Best Editor
Approach editing and proofreading your own work with a fresh perspective. Whether you are getting started in the field or are a seasoned medical writer, this activity will provide an overview of the most important aspects of editing and proofreading. Put your best work forward every time. Read more.

Regulatory Writing Overview:  Roles, Documents, and Process
This three-part online learning activity will help you jump-start your career in regulatory writing by providing a comprehensive understanding of the role of the regulatory writer, the major regulatory agencies overseeing drug approval, and the documents most frequently produced during the drug development process. Read more.

A Career in Medical Communication: Steps to Success 
Designed to answer your most frequently asked questions, this online learning activity will explore what medical communicators do, where they work, and the variety of documents they produce. Read more.

Harness the Power of EndNote
Learn tips and tricks for managing book section references, author lists, custom groups, and more! Use the interactive tool to practice your new skills.  Read more.

Ten Characteristics of Effective Tables and Graphs
Each table or graph has the potential to be worth a thousand words.  Ensure your visual displays clearly translate otherwise complicated data.  Read more.


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   and more)

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