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27 Proven Strategies to Get You Liked, Shared, and Humming with Traffic    

January 7, 2015 at 1 - 2 PM Eastern
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How can you lock-in your next client while expanding your reach? In this fast-paced webinar, internet marketing authority Jerry Allocca will show you 27 strategies to capture the attention of potential clients by using memorable stories, magnetic content, and  masterful tips. Learn the steps to create magnetic content that engages your audience, drives interest to your products and services, and encourages the development of further connections. If you want to maximize your visibility through compelling content, sign up for this webinar! About the Speaker

Crafting Successful Communications with Research-based Guidelines    

January 14, 2015 at 1 - 2 PM Eastern
Members-only FREE

"How do I improve my writing? That's easy. Download one of AMWA's great member benefits, Guidelines for Document  Designers, then join Ginny Redish, an internationally-renowned consultant and speaker, as she discusses this trusted  book. As a novice or intermediate writer, you will enjoy learning how to organize your writing, hone your sentences, and incorporate great information design into your communications. About the Speaker


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Archived Events for Everyone

Dial 911:  Handling Emergency Situations in Medical Writing
On Demand 
This case-based program, always a favorite at the annual conference, will introduce participants to six real-life scenarios – involving logistical, technologic, or other unexpected challenges – that constituted a medical writing “emergency.” A panel of medical writers representing both the client and freelance perspective will offer their insight into each emergency scenario, presenting strategies to for implementing safeguards to prevent common pitfalls in medical writing projects, recognizing the subtle red flags that signal imminent emergencies, and developing solutions for addressing these emergencies in a professional manner.

An Encore from AMWA Annual Conference 2013: The Rising Tide of Plagiarism in Medical Writing
On Demand

Medical journals have been broadsided by a fast-growing plagiarism problem, and the ramifications can reach well beyond the page, having an impact on clinical practice and patients’ lives. You will have an opportunity to examine the ripple effects of medical plagiarism and gain insight into avoiding the ethical and career-threatening pitfalls of duplication. In this panel presentation, you will hear about plagiarism from the editor’s perspective and learn about plagiarism detection software, and how to evaluate the results and share the information ethically with contributing authors and/or their sponsors.
Moderator (and speaker): Jonathan Bailey, Founder, Plagiarism Today, New Orleans, LA
Jason Chu, Senior Education Manager, iThenticate/Turnitin (iParadigms, LLC), Oakland, CA
Sandra Ripley Distelhorst, ELS, Senior Editor, Northwest Health Communications, Edmonds, WA