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December 3, 2015
1:00-2:00 ET

Mining Medical Information in 0 to 60
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When we are asked to write about a topic that is new to us, we are often given a list of resources. Although this list can be helpful, if we accurately want to address this topic, we often require more references. During this webinar, we will examine the nuts and bolts of starting with an unfamiliar medical topic, and walk through the steps of obtaining (data mining) and organizing the essential information in the shortest time possible. About the speaker.
At the conclusion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:
  • Define data mining and discuss how it relates to medical writing.
  • Compare the validity, usefulness, and accessibility of different sources.
  • Efficiently obtain and organize information when presented with a new topic.
Learning level:  Intermediate
Content areas:  Health and Medicine, Practical Skills

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