ES Express Package

Everything you need to earn the AMWA Essential Skills Certificate... tied up in a bow!

Your time matters, and so does your wallet. With AMWA’s Essential Skills package you can earn the Essential Skills certificate conveniently and at a price that fits your budget. 


This set delivers content-rich workshops and, once successfully completed, gives you all of the credits you need to earn the AMWA Essential Skills certificate. 


Package includes: 

  • Enrollment in AMWA’s Essential Skills certificate program
  • 7 self-study workbooks with examples, exercises, and quizzes
  • Basic Grammar and Usage for Biomedical Communicators
  • Elements of Medical Terminology
  • Essential Ethics for Medical Communicators
  • Punctuation for Clarity and Style
  • Sentence Structure and Patterns 
  • Statistics for Medical Writers and Editors
  • Tables and Graphs
  • Laminated Quick Reference Guides (included with workbooks)

This package is perfect for you if you’re

  • looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to earn an AMWA certificate
  •  getting started in the medical communication field
  •  gearing up to enhance and refresh your skill set

How much?

Package sale price: $975 member/$1,275 nonmember
ES Express Package offers over 25% savings!

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