Conference Sessions and Roundtables

Education Sessions

Planning for Retirement

New to AMWA and Medical Writing

Identifying Experience and Expertise to Succeed as a Medical Writer

If You Build It, They Will Come:  An Unconventional Path from Freelance to Business Owner (Reimagining the Industry of Medical Writing)

Word Masterclass Part I - best tips and techniques

Making a Career Out of Medical Writing

Regulatory Medical Writing in the Digital Age

From Protocol to Package Insert - A Data Journey

Narrative and Communication Techniques for Medical Writers to Improve Scientific Communications – Why Medical Communications Needs a Story

Strategies for Building a Successful Freelance Writing and Editing Business

What Should a Medical Writer Know About Gene Therapy and Gene Editing?

Introduction to Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) for Writers

Grant Editing Basics: Appealing to Reviewers

Master the Disaster

Can You Teach an Old Reviewer New Tricks?

Medical Writing between Dossier Submission and Drug Approval

Panel Discussion on Presenting Information to Patients/Patient Advocacy Groups

Miscommunication Epidemic: How Close Are We to Finding a Cure?

The CSR Simplification Project:  Creating a Clear, Compliant, and Concise CSR

Cancer Immunotherapy – Overview of Current Landscape

Instructional Design: Where do you Fit in as a Medical Writer

QC Detours: Improving the Quality Control Process

As You Wish. Fall in Love with Word, Again or for the First Time

Leaping from Desk to Podium: Essential Presentation Skills for Medical Writers

Large, Complex Freelance Medical Writing Projects: Best Practices

A Practical Introduction to the Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) and How to Make It Compliant with MEDDEV Rev 4

Jam Session for Mid-Career Managers

Precision Medicine: the impact on the regulatory landscape

The Power of Story in Science Communications

Basics of Pharmacovigilance Writing

The Opioid Crisis

Networking for Introverted Freelancers: How to Get Better Results with Less Stress

Tools to Thrive in a Digital World

You Can’t Possibly Understand How I Feel (Because I Won’t Tell You): The Riddle of Feedback

Responses to Regulatory Authorities: Measure Twice – Cut Once

Using a Focused Authoring Strategy to Create a Message Driven Deliverable

Panel discussion on predatory journals

Medical Writing Professionalism: Competency Modeling, Application, and Examination

Jam Session for Early Career Freelances

Jam Session for Seasoned Freelances

Yoga at Your Desk: Stretch, Breathe, and Relax

Fit for Freelance: Home Wellness Health Secrets

If You Can Write a Grant, You Can Write a Pitch Deck

27 Tips for Efficiently Writing Scientific Publications

Accelerating Drug Development through Protocol Harmonization: TransCelerate’s Common Protocol Template and the Technology Enabled Addition

Challenges for Biologic and Biosimilar Development: a Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) perspective

Regulatory Compliance Fundamentals for Promotional and Educational Writing In Life Sciences

Your Freelance Brand: How to Stand Out in a Sea of Freelances

Think and Communicate Visually

Dissecting the Critical 'Specific Aims' Page

NIH Biosketch - Make It Work for You

The Writes and Wrongs of Publication Ethics

What's New in the AMA Manual of Style

Fake News in Medicine

Up Your Efficiency Game: How Computer Peripherals Let You Work Faster


Discussion Roundtables

Are You Excited About SQUIRE 2.0 Yet?

Writing Clubs: What, Why, How, and More

The Ups and Downs of Working From Home

Certification of Editors in the Life Sciences

Freelancer's Guide to Data Security

Inalienable rights: Major health organizations’ response to health disparities and the impact on medical communicators

Empowering Women Professional in Medical Writing – Exploring the Entrepreneur Within!  

How do I get Out of Here???

How to Find a Job

How to Advance a Medical Writer Career in the Corporate Industry? The Importance of Defining Your Personal Objectives

Best Practices for Excellent Quality Control

Been There, Done That, Train Them - raising the next generation of regulatory writers

NIH Grant Mechanisms and Resources for Grant Writers and Editors 

Numbers, Meet Letters: CDISC for Medical Writers

Importance of Mentoring in a Decentralized Work Environment

Grow your Own Local Network of Communication Professionals

Career Paths in Medical Writing

From Patents to Protocols: How to think like an Entrepreneur

I Have the Abstract: How Do I Make it into a Poster?

Tips for Studying to take the MWC Exam

Can We Standardize the CME Outcomes Report?

Medical Journalism Do’s and Don’ts: Tips for Successful Reporting and Writing

The Role of Microsatellites in Forensic Science and Medicine

HTAs & AMCP Dossiers:  Find Out What They Are In 5 Easy Steps!

Medical Congress Coverage for a Major Pharma or Biotech Company

Benefits and challenges of specialization

"So, You're Going to Take the BELS Exam..."

Challenges and Opportunities for a Post doc Transitioning into Scientific and Medical Writing

Pharmaceutical Sponsor and External Medical Writer Interactions: Methods for Effective Communication

Get It In Writing: Contracts for Freelances

Hot Topics in Pediatrics

The Art of Writing an Effective Response Letter to Editor and Reviewers

Just Slap a Label on It? How Pharmacy Manuals Really Work in Clinical Trials

Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively

Policy Changes, Industry Trends, and Emerging Opportunities for Freelance Medical Writers

Writing a Natural History Study Protocol

The Transition From “Bench to Desk”: Successfully Navigating a Career Transition From Drug Discovery Research into Medical Writing

Transitioning Into Regulatory Writing: Starting Where You Are

Epidemiology 101 for Medical Writers

Writing for Peer-Reviewed Journals: How to Make the Production Process Work for You

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