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$20 for 2020 Continues

Monday, May 4, 2020  

As part of our 80th anniversary celebration in 2020, AMWA discounted our new live webinars to just $20 for members (and $20 off the non-member prices). So far this year, AMWA’s webinars have reached a wider audience than ever before and have offered education on a broad range of topics.

If you missed any of the 2020 live webinars, it's not too late to take advantage of this discount. For the month of May, you can purchase these recorded webinars for only $20 too! 

These may be challenging times, but maintaining your professional advantage doesn’t have to be. Whatever your educational need is, whether it’s word usage, project management, editing, health literacy, or a variety of other medical communication topics, AMWA has you covered. Interactive learning activities, on-demand videos, and electronic documents await you in the AMWA Online Learning catalog. 

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