2019 AMWA Conference Session Materials

Some session presenters have shared materials for you to access and/or print. Not all presenters are able to share materials due to copyright or other privacy issues.

*More materials will be added as they are received from the presenters.


Education Sessions

Regulatory Writing

Creating Narrative-Writing Software

Narrative Know-How: Streamlining the Writing, Quality Control, and Assembly Processes

Medical Writing Techniques in Pharmacovigilance

Reviewer Coaching: Increasing Efficiency through Communicating Reviewing Best Practices

TransCelerate's Common CSR Template: A Consistent Approach to Writing Compliant CSRs with Ease

Scientific Publications

Text Recycling in Scientific Research Writing: Recent Findings from the Text Recycling Research Project

Writing Biomedical Research Papers for Publication

Art of Writing Effective Response Letters to Journal Editors - handout is an article by the same name in the AMWA Journal Vol 34 no 3; AMWA members can access it here

Predatory Publishing: Update on Current Environment


Career Development

Interviewing Potential Employers and Clients

Med Write Talk: Career Burnout: We Didn't Start the Fire...or Did We?

You Can Find a Diamond in the Rough: Medical Writing Opportunities in Rare Diseases

Demonstrating Presence Regardless of Work Location

Writing Medical Quizzes for Physicians and Other Health Care Professionals
(cancelled session - PPT provided)

Exploring the Diverse and Multidisciplinary Educational Ecosystem for Medical Writing

The Art of Personal Branding: How to Tell the YOU Story and Gain New Customers (cancelled session - content provided)



Making Money While You Sleep (or Don’t): The Promises and Pitfalls of Subcontracting

By the Hour or By the Project? Straight Talk About Pricing Strategies for Freelancers



Style and Substance: The AMA Manual of Style, 11th Edition

Tools to Enhance Your Productivity as an Editor


Health Communication

We the People: Making Government Biomedical Information Understandable for Everyone

Med Write Talk: Toward More Effective Communication with Science Deniers



Influence of Leaders and Servant Leadership

The Science and Art of Project Stakeholder Management


Science and Medicine

The Clinical Pharmacology of Therapeutic Antibodies: PK/PD and Beyond



Introduction to Medical Writing Project Management in Smartsheet

How to Check Consistency and Enforce Your House Style: Using PerfectIt in Submissions and Publication

SharePoint to the Rescue! Using SharePoint as a Tool to Manage Medical Writing Teams and Client Partnerships



Can Fitting in Fun Make Us Better Medical Writers?

Navigating Workplace Incivility as a Medical Writer

The ABCs of Stress Management

It’s YOUR Time: A Nonjudgmental Approach to Time Management

Yoga at Your Desk



How to Write Strategic Grant Proposals for Research Collaborations


Roundtable Discussions

Art of Writing Accredited and Nonaccredited Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Basics of Writing Accredited and Nonaccredited Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Benefits of Dynamic Product Information Delivery for Life Sciences (roundtable cancelled - content provided)

Cross-Cultural Communication Skills as a Key Element for Success

CTD Structure: From IND to NDA

How to Improve Editing and Writing Skills in a Multilingual Environment

Finding the Wild Side: An Introduction to Using Wildcard Find and Replace in Microsoft Word

Managing Clinical Study Report Development

Scheduling Dos and Don'ts for Freelances

Strategic Publication Planning

Tips for Studying for the MWC Exam

Women in Medical Writing and Communications: A Discussion of Challenges and Successful Life Hacks



Mastermind Group Case Study for Mid-Career Freelancers: Insights and Takeaways

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