AMWA chapters provide local educational events and regional networking opportunities.  


Membership in a regional chapter is included in your AMWA membership. New members can select a chapter during the join process. Current members can select or change chapters in their user profile.


Please contact your AMWA chapter leader or visit the chapter website to learn more about activities in your area. If you are interested in volunteering for your chapter, please complete the AMWA volunteer interest form.


In addition to chapters, local networking coordinators help organize events and activities for medical communicators to network and connect.  Learn more about local networking.


Chapter Leader Resource Center 

Carolinas Chapter

North Carolina and South Carolina
President, Jill Moffett, MPH, PhD

President-Elect, Lydia Morris, PhD

Secretary, Simone Otto, PhD

Treasurer, Paula Davis-Searles, PhD

Delaware Valley Chapter
Pennsylvania (eastern), Delaware, and New Jersey (southern)
President, Darryl L'Heureux, PhD
President-Elect, Mark Bowlby, PhD
Secretary, Monica Nicosia, PhD
Treasurer, Jennifer Minarcik, MS

Empire State-Metro New York Chapter
New York, Northern New Jersey (northern), and Connecticut (southern)
President, Qing Zhou, PhD

President-Elect, Marjorie Winters
Secretary, Jennifer Nepo, MS
Treasurer, Lloyd Zimmerman, MD

Florida Chapter

President, Shara Pantry, PhD
President-Elect, Reggie Wilson, MS

Secretary, Jingle Thomas, MSc
Treasurer, Melory Johnson, VN

Greater Chicago Area Chapter
Illinois and Wisconsin (southern)
President, Carrie Lauer, MS
President-Elect, Mia DeFino, MS
Secretary, Jim Monti, PhD
Treasurer, Aneysha Bhat, BS

Indiana Chapter

President, Tenille Lawson, PharmD
President-Elect, Leslie Hodge, PharmD
Secretary, Denise Viquez, MBA
Treasurer, Nicoletta Bivi, PhD

Mid-America Chapter
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska 
President, Rebecca Bigelow, PhD
President-Elect, Natalie DeWitt, PhD

Secretary, Karry Smith, MPH, PhD 
Treasurer, Leslie Neistadt

Mid-Atlantic Chapter
Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, and West Virginia (eastern) 
President, Vita Washington, MA

President-Elect, Vacant
Secretary, Michael Jones, MS
Treasurer, Martin Spiering, MS, PhD

New England Chapter

Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut (northern)
President, Debbie Ferguson, PhD
President-Elect, Brian Head, PhD
Secretary, Ellie Lin, MS
Treasurer, Ana Bozas, PhD

North Central Chapter
Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin (northern)
President, Kendra Hyland, PhD
President-Elect, Lisa Poppenberg, MPH
Co-Secretary, Lynelle Martinez, MBA
Co-Secretary, Amelia Young
Treasurer, Ellen O'Malley, MS

Northern California Chapter
California (northern), Nevada, and Hawaii
President, Sandra Ruhl, RN
President-Elect, Andrea Johnson
Secretary, Barbara Arnoldussen, PhD
Treasurer, Rose Tomey, BA

Ohio Valley Chapter
Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania (western), and West Virginia (western)
President, Brandi Talkington, PhD

President-Elect, vacant
Secretary, Keri Jolly
Treasurer, Debbie Sommerville


Rocky Mountain Chapter 

Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming 
President,  Brittany Hodges, PhD
President-Elect, Kathi Whitman, MA
Secretary,  Tamara Golden, PhD
Treasurer,  Lisa Carricaburu, MBA

Southeast Chapter
Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee 
President, JoAnna Pendergrass, DVM

President-Elect, Madison Hedrick, MA
Secretary, Rachel Lane, PhD

Treasurer, Callie Compton, MA

Southwest Chapter
Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas 
President, Susan Daniels, PhD
President-Elect, Kimberly Mankiewicz, PhD
Secretary, Erica Goodoff
Treasurer, Erica Goodoff

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