Instructions for Contributors

The AMWA Journal encourages submissions, especially manuscripts reporting original research in the field. Unless otherwise noted, submit manuscripts and suggestions for content to the Journal Editor.



Feature-length articles include Topical Features, Original Research, and Science Series articles. Authors should submit an abstract of 250-300 words for use in the online Table of Contents and in social media/marketing; visual abstracts are welcome.

Topical Features - The AMWA Journal invites manuscripts on areas of interest to medical communicators, including topics within such broad categories as regulatory writing, continuing medical education, patient education, medical marketing/advertising, public relations, medical journal management, publication ethics, health policy, etc. The AMWA Journal especially encourages the submission of articles on the theoretical underpinnings of specific types of medical communication. AMWA Journal readers are primarily practitioners (not academicians), and application of theory to practice is an essential component of manuscripts. Word Count: 2,500-3,000 words (plus abstract).

Original Research - The AMWA Journal invites manuscripts reporting original research on written communication, publication trends, and medical communicators’ productivity and value added. Word Count: 2,500-3,000 words (plus abstract).

Science Series - The Science Series accepts manuscripts that provide an overview of a specific anatomic or physiologic topic (eg, body system), disease or condition, diagnostic method (eg, laboratory tests, imaging systems), or type of treatment (eg, devices). Word Count: 2,500-3,000 words (plus abstract).


Authors should submit 1 or 2 sentences (15 to 30 words) describing their article for use in the online Table of Contents and in social media/marketing. 

Around the Career Block - This section accepts manuscripts that provide advice on career-related issues, profiles of professional organizations, and first-person accounts of educational experiences. Word Count: 750-2,000 words.

Career-Related Articles - These articles address topics relevant to the career development of medical communicators. Areas of interest include job hunting, developing a portfolio, interviewing techniques, hiring guidance, performance evaluation, mentoring programs, and performance goals.

First-Person Accounts of Educational Programs - These articles provide overviews of educational programs designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of medical writers and editors.

Everyday Ethics - This section features discussion of ethical situations encountered by medical communicators and professional approaches to their management. Publication preference is given to those topics that are particularly timely. Word Count: 750-2,000 words.

Freelance Focus - This section provides original content and expert commentary from seasoned contributors on topics of interest to freelance medical communicators. Word Count: 750-2,000 words.

Media and Technology - This section includes reviews of books, websites, other media, and technology (tools of the trade) that are of practical value or topical interest to medical communicators. Word Count: 750-2,000 words.

Members Matters - Members Matters is a member-focused, member-generated section, where topics of interest that were discussed on the local level can be shared nationally through the Journal. Content may be original (ie, written specifically for the section) or shared (eg, repurposed from an article in a chapter newsletter). Word Count: 750-2,000 words for a feature article; 500-600 words for a brief report.

Practical Matters - This section accepts manuscripts that provide practical guidance to medical writers and editors (at all levels of experience) for improving the skills involved in their daily work activities in a variety of medical communication settings. Word Count: 750-2,000 words.

Regulatory Insights - This section provides information of particular interest to communicators who write or edit documents related to the pharmaceutical or device industries. Word Count: 750-2,000 words.

Social Media - This section includes articles that provide guidance to medical communicators for developing a professional online presence and effectively integrating social media into their work environment. The section will also explore the impact social media currently has on the healthcare industry. Word Count: 750-2,000 words.

Statistically Speaking - This section covers statistical concepts and developments in clinical research of interest to medical communicators. Word Count: 750-2,000 words.



Sounding Board - The Sounding Board is a forum for members’ opinions on topics relevant to medical writing and editing. Contact the Journal Editor to seek approval for the topic before preparing and submitting a manuscript. Word Count: 750-1,000 words.

Letters to the Editor - Letters to the Editor provide an opportunity to comment on topics published in the Journal. Letters should refer to contents within the past 2 issues. Word Count: 300-400 words.


Manuscripts are accepted for consideration with the understanding that they have not been published elsewhere and are not under review elsewhere. Submit the manuscript as an attachment to an email with a note to the Journal Editor.


The authors of manuscripts published in the AMWA Journal grant to AMWA exclusive worldwide first publication rights and further grant a nonexclusive license for other uses of the manuscripts for the duration of their copyright in all languages, throughout the world, in all media. Copyright ownership of these articles remains with the authors. Authors are asked to complete and sign a copyright form (available upon request) and submit it with their manuscript to the AMWA Journal Editor.

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