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Volume 35 No 2

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51        RESEARCH

Balancing Science and Promotion in Medical Writing

>Anita Bhat and Chinmayee Joshi

Bhat and Joshi explore the reasons for the increasing promotional influence in medical writing and the potential solutions, which include the role of a medical writer, to restore a balance between science and promotion.


58        RESEARCH

Outsourcing Services of Regulatory Submission Writing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

>Yan Zhou

Readers are introduced to the developments and status of the CRO industry and scientific writing in China. What are the benefits and risks of outsourcing services in regulatory writing? What can be learned about best practices for the future?


62        FEATURE

ICMJE Proposes a New Author Disclosure Form for Work Submitted to Medical Journals

>Andrea Blotta

ICMJE’s new author disclosure form provides greater transparency and benefits for both authors and medical  journal stakeholders.


64        FEATURE

The AMA Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors—What’s New in the 11th Edition

>Kelly Schrank, Stacy L. Christiansen, and Annette Flanagin

An insider’s look into the new AMA Manual of Style. What are the key changes? What resources are provided along with this new edition?


70        FEATURE

Lifting the Veil on Compensation for Employed Medical Communicators

>Roshawn Watson

What are the benefits of the AMWA 2019 Medical Communication Compensation Report for those employed as medical communicators? Watson provides a detailed look at thewealth of information available in this report.



Strategies to Advance Your Medical Writing Career Part II: Identifying Opportunities and Developing Skills

>Yanni Wang and Lindsey Summers

The second part of the series, this Q&A-style piece focuses on common career paths, positions, and the opportunities available to those interested in progressing their medical writing career.



Guiding Ethical Interactions with Health Care Professionals: Follow the Codes

>Julie Ravo

What are the ethical considerations for collaboration between medical health care professionals? What codes of conduct are relevant and can ensure transparency?



>Brian Bass, Lori De Milto, Cathryn D. Evans, and Ruwaida Vakil

Why is confidence important in succeeding as a freelancer? How did you build your confidence?

Why is in-person networking still important in the digital age?



The Evaluation of Efficacy, or How Do We Know Whether a Treatment Works? Part 1

>Thomas M. Schindler and Helen Bridge

What is the difference between efficacy and effectiveness, and why is this an important distinction? In the first part of this series, Schindler and Bridge discuss how evaluating efficacy might not be as straightforward as you think.



Freedom to Write: New Tools for Streamlining Document Development From Start to Finish

>Elizabeth Clarke and Krithi Bindal

Want to free up your time so that you can focus more on writing? This article provides insight on selected automation tools for the medical writer.


92        SOCIAL MEDIA

How Social Media Helped Prepare Me for Life in the Time of Corona

>Larry Lynam

Many in the medical writing community are facing unique challenges due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Lynam shares how strategic approaches to social media can improve networking and staying abreast of changes within the medical writing industry.


96        REPRINT

Predatory Publishing – What Medical Communicators Need to Know

>Andrea Bucceri, Peter Hornung, and Thomas M. Schindler

What do medical communicators need to know about predatory publishers and predatory practices? How can you help authors navigate this issue?


101      AMWA NEWS

From the President

>Ann Winter-Vann


American Medical Writers Association Annual Financial Report, 2018-2019

>Julie L. Phelan


Medical Writer Certified

>David B. Clemow


AMWA’s Second Medical Writing Executives Forum: Redefining Talent Acquisition, Development, and Engagement—Ideas to Action

>Cynthia L. Kryder


Exciting News. #AMWA2020 is Going Virtual!

Mary Elizabeth Williams, 2020 Alvarez Award Recipient

>Elise Eller



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