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Volume 33 No 1 (access full issue)

 3          FROM THE EDITOR

2017 Postconference Issue

James R. Cozzarin



4          The Freelance's Guide for a Successful Social Media Journey: How to Keep Up with Recent Changes, Overcome Obstacles, and Get Optimal Results

Lori De Milto, Larry Lynam, and Marilyn Massey-Stokes


8          Trends of West Coast Medical Communicators: AMWA Pacific Coast Conference Survey Results

Gail Flores and Sarah A. Prins



Jam Session for Seasoned Freelances

Cathryn D. Evans, Gail Flores, Melissa Bogen, and Ruwaida Vakil



14        By the Numbers


16        Open Session Reports

  • Ready or Not: The New European Medical Device Regulations are Here!
  • I Have the Abstract: How Do I Make It Into a Poster?
  • Introduction to Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) for Writers
  • Realizing the Benefits of Structured Content Management in a Step-wise Fashion
  • Professional Development for Medical Writers: Create, Promote, and Monitor Programs and Tools for Growth
  • Zika—The Bite Heard Round the World
  • Medical Writer's Guide to ClinicalTrials.Gov Result Postings in the Evolving Regulatory Landscape
  • Intermediate Health Economics and Outcomes Research & Real World Evidence: Elements, Concepts, and Writing Constructs
  • Getting Down to Business: The Nuts and Bolts of Starting (and Maintaining) Your Freelance Writing Business
  • Clinical Trial Transparency for Writers
  • Common Cardiovascular Diseases: A Tutorial for Medical Writers
  • Are You Picking Up What I'm Putting Down? The Communication Conundrum
  • Trash Talk: Drug Waste in the 21st Century
  • Biologics & Biosimilars: Regulations, Rules of Trial Design, and Rising Approvals
  • Winning the Work: Grant Writing Basics

34        Swanberg Award Address

Brian Bass



The Changing Face of the Medical/Technical Editor

Laura Palmer and Susan Lang



Paul Zoll MD: The Pioneer Whose Discoveries Prevent Sudden Death

Reviewed by Adeleke (Leke) Adeyemi


Juggling on a High Wire: The Art of Work-Life Balance When You’re Self-Employed (A Dr. Freelance® Advisor Guide)

Reviewed by Tara Ann Cartwright


The Gene

Reviewed by Elizabeth Schiavoni


The Vaccine Race: Science, Politics, and the Human Cost of Defeating Disease

Reviewed by Elizabeth Schiavoni


44        AMWA NEWS

AMWA Annual Business Meeting and Town Hall

Katelyn Le


AMWA Annual Financial Report, 2016-2017

Julie L. Phelan


From the President

Kathy Spiegel


The MWC Exam Is Coming to a Location Near You This June and December!

David Clemow




E1        Preface to the Online-Only Supplement to the 2017 Postconference Issue

Jim Cozzarin


E1        Walter C. Alvarez Award: Helen Osborne Highlights Health Literacy Awareness, Action, and Advocacy

Liz Kuney


E3        John P. McGovern Award: Communicating Benefit and Harm: Avoiding the NNE (Numbers Needed to Exaggerate)

Steven Woloshin, Lisa Schwartz, and Emma Woloshin



  • Tech Tools to Help You Run Your Freelance Business
  • What You Should Know About PR and Marketing
  • The Ticking Clock: Maintaining Sanity for QC
  • CORE Reference: A Year of Experience Preparing CSRs for Multiple Audiences
  • A Survey to Determine the Methods Writers Use to Create Content for the Summary of Clinical Efficacy (Section 2.7.3 of the Common Technical Document)
  • What Can Instructional Design do for You?
  • An Overview of Pediatric Plans: Medical Writing for the Evolving Pediatric Landscape
  • Time-Saving Techniques for Microsoft Word: Best Tips, Shortcuts, Ideas, and Guides
  • Best Practices for Writing and Editing CME Needs Assessments
  • Strategic Granstmanship Principles for Academic and Scientific Writers
  • FDA Expedited Regulatory Approval Programs
  • Designing Your Regulatory Content for Multichannel Targets: New Media Channels, Writing, Technology, and Software
  • Helping Non-native English-Speaking Investigators Get Their Research Published in Quality Journals
  • A Review of Processes and Some Best Practices for Narrative Writing
  • Freelance Medical Editing, Writing, or Both: Which Path Is Right for Me?
  • The Elements of a Great Multiple-Choice Test Question




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