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Position Statements

AMWA Position Statement on Legislation That Negatively Affects the Livelihood of Freelance Medical Communicators

A movement among state legislatures to redefine the role of the independent contractor could disrupt how freelance medical writers and editors do business in the future. AMWA fully supports its members who choose to be self-employed and urges legislators to ensure that resulting laws allow for those who are legitimate independent contractors to continue to practice as freelance professionals.

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AMWA-EMWA-ISMPP Joint Position Statement on Predatory Publishing

Predatory journals pose a serious threat both to researchers publishing the results of their work and to the peer-reviewed medical literature itself. AMWA, EMWA and ISMPP are committed to educating our members about predatory publishing and the responsibilities of medical writers and publication professionals in addressing this significant issue.

Read the full joint position statement (originally published in Current Medical Research and Opinion).

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AMWA thanks our partners at EMWA for translating this joint position statement into German, Italian, and Portuguese


AMWA-EMWA-ISMPP Joint Position Statement on the Role of Professional Medical Writers

Professional medical writing support helps authors and sponsors to disclose their research in peer-review journals and scientific congresses in an ethical, accurate, and timely manner, with the ultimate aim of advancing patient care.

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AMWA thanks our partners at EMWA for translating the joint position statement into German, Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Farsi, Greek, and Portugese and ISMPP for translations in Japanese and Chinese.


AMWA Position Statement on the Contribution of Medical Writers to Scientific Publications

The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) recognizes the valuable contributions of medical communicators to the publication team. Medical communicators who contribute substantially to the writing or editing of a manuscript should be acknowledged with their permission and with disclosure of any pertinent professional or financial relationships. In all aspects of the publication process, medical communicators should adhere to the AMWA Code of Ethics.


Statement from AMWA on Censorship and the CDC

AMWA supports evidence- and science-based medicine; the use of clear language to accurately communicate science and medicine to all stakeholders—consumers, health care professionals, regulators, and government officials alike; and the use of objectivity and diligent research in pursuit of accurate and unbiased reporting.

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Guidelines for Document Designers
Guidelines for Document Designers is a short, practical, evidence-based handbook for writers and editors who develop functional communications.

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CORE Reference
Clarity and Openness in Reporting: E3-based (CORE) Reference

The CORE Reference is an open-access resource to support medical writers in the authoring of clinical study reports for interventional studies.

Learn more at www.core-reference.org.


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