AMWA Workshops

AMWA Workshops are highly-rated, small group, intensive 3-hour programs led by industry experts.


Register for an AMWA Workshop at an upcoming event or invite us to bring the education to you.

Experience the value of an AMWA Workshop without leaving home with our self-study program.

  • Essential Skills Workbooks: Adapted from AMWA Workshops and authored by workshop leaders, these self-study publications are available in print or digital format.


AMWA Workshops cover a wide range of topics from the essential skills of medical communication to advanced writing and data presentation skills. AMWA Faculty have experience in all aspects of the field and train on skills from scientific publications, regulatory writing, clinical research, health economics, and much more. Some of our most popular AMWA Workshop topics include

  • Advanced Data Presentation: Tables, Graphs, and Charts
  • Outlining for Writers and Editors 
  • Advanced Writing
  • Pharmacokinetics in Clinical Practice and Drug Development
  • Basic Grammar I
  • Plain Language
  • Basic Grammar II and Usage
  • Preparing CME Materials: Concepts, Strategies and Ethical Issues
  • Bibliographic Resources for Medical Communicators
  • Proofreading: Strategy for Document Quality Control
  • Choosing the Right Word for the Job
  • Punctuation for Clarity and Style
  • Clinical Study Report Writing: From Tables, Listings, and Graphs to Text
  • Regulatory Aspects of the Drug Development Process
  • Composing Narratives for Safety and Adverse Event Reporting
  • Sentence Diagramming for Clarity and Practicality
  • Current Trends in Drug Regulations
  • Sentence Structure and Patterns
  • Drug Interactions
  • Serving Two Masters – Comparing and Contrasting US and EU Regulatory Processes
  • Effective Paragraphing
  • Statistics for Medical Writers and Editors
  • Electronic Regulatory Submissions
  • Summarizing Clinical Efficacy Data for a New Drug Application
  • Essentials of Copyediting
  • Summarizing Clinical Safety Data for a New Drug Application
  • Ethics of Communicating Regulated Drug Development Activities
  • Understanding Sample Size and Study Power
  • Fundamentals of Ethics and Practical Applications [of Clinical Research]
  • What Employees Can Learn From Freelances
  • Health Economics
  • Writing Abstracts
  • Organizing the Medical Paper
  • Writing and Editing NIH Grants


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