AMWA's Pacific Coast Conference

AMWA's 2018 Pacific Coast Conference


April 19–20, 2018 

Join us at the beautiful Asilomar Conference Grounds for the

2018 AMWA Pacific Coast Conference.

Meet the experts in medical communication and learn the skills you need to succeed.


Hosted by the AMWA Northern California Chapter, this conference brings you the best of the West.

Participate in renowned AMWA Workshops for an intensive learning experience (additional fee).

Don't miss relevant and timely sessions with industry experts. 

  •  An Introduction to Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) for Medical Writers (with Tim Peoples, MA, ELS and Marcia Reinhart, DPhil)
  •  Building Effective Medical Writing Teams (with Holly Zoog, PhD, ELS) 
  •  Changes in the Medical Publications Environment (with Donna Simcoe, MS, MS, MBA, CMPP)
  •  Global Medical and Regulatory Updates That Affect Medical Communicators (with Natalia Shunmugan, PhD)
  •  Interactive Session for Freelance Writers with 10+ Years of Experience (with Alisa Bonsignore)
  •  The Mechanics of Writing (with Helen Hodgson, PhD)
  •  Keynote address: Healthcare Simulation...What does it mean for the Consumer and Medical Writer? (with Juli Maxworthy, DNP, MSN/MBA, RN, CNL, CPHQ, CPPS, CHSE, FSSH)



Pacific Coast Conference Workshop Descriptions

Statistics for Medical Writers and Editors
Medical writers and editors with a good understanding of statistics are comfortable, confident, competent, and skilled in interpreting and reporting statistical methods and results—the "story" behind the data.

At the end of this workshop, the participant will be able to

  • Identify the type of data used to measure a variable.  
  • Summarize categorical and continuous data with appropriate descriptive statistics, and interpret these descriptive statistics. 
  • Analyze 95% confidence intervals and get a feeling for how they are calculated. 

Advanced Writing
It takes more than experience to make a great writer. This advanced workshop provides some tools to help you better understand the process of writing and your individual approach to that process.

At the end of this workshop, the participant will be able to

  • Describe the cognitive processes of writing (planning, freewriting, rewriting, and revising) and the importance of using these processes in writing all types of biomedical communications.
  • Differentiate between reader-centered and writer-centered prose.
  • Define how to use collaborative planning to a maximum advantage in writing projects.

Understanding Sample Size & Study Power
With great power comes great responsibility, and medical writers need advanced understanding of how to accurately interpret and responsibly report sample size and study power.

At the end of this workshop, the participant will be able to

  • Define statistical terms including statistical significance, P-value, clinical significance, number needed to treat, sample size, alpha and beta, confidence interval, study power, type I & II errors, study validity, and precision.
  • Classify the factors to be considered, and their inter-relationship, when a study's sample size or power is determined.
  • Describe the importance of sample size and study power in the presentation of research reports, abstracts, or material for lay audiences.
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