Essential Skills Package

Introducing a New Way to Earn the Essential Skills Certificate

Your time matters, and so does your wallet. With AMWA’s Essential Skills package you can earn the Essential Skills certificate conveniently and at a price that fits your budget. This set delivers content-rich workshops and, once successfully completed, gives you all of the credits you need to earn the AMWA Essential Skills certificate. 

This package is perfect for you if you’re

  • looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to earn an AMWA certificate
  • getting started in the medical communication field
  • gearing up to enhance and refresh your skill set


Package includes: 

  • Enrollment in AMWA’s Essential Skills certificate program ($150 member/$275 nonmember price)
  • 7 self-study workbooks with examples, exercises, and quizzes
    • Basic Grammar and Usage for Biomedical Communicators ($199 member/$250 nonmember price)
    • Elements of Medical Terminology ($159 member/$250 nonmember price)
    • Essential Ethics for Medical Communicators ($159 member/$250 nonmember price)
    • Punctuation for Clarity and Style ($159 member/$250 nonmember price)
    • Sentence Structure and Patterns ($159 member/$250 nonmember price)
    • Statistics for Medical Writers and Editors ($159 member/$250 nonmember price)
    • Tables and Graphs ($159 member/$250 nonmember price) 
  • Laminated Quick Reference Guides (included with workbooks)

Full value price:  $1303 member/$2,025 nonmember 

Package sale price: $950 member/$1,250 nonmember ES Express Package offers over 25% savings!