AMWA volunteer committees support activities and develop programs for members.


2018 – 2019 Special Committees

Special committees support specific initiatives or programs and are approved the Board annually. 

AMWA members are encouraged to learn more about volunteering for AMWA committees and other opportunities to serve.

2018 – 2019 Standing Committees

Standing committees function on behalf of the Board on an ongoing basis as set forth in the organization’s bylaws. All recommendations are made to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval.


Budget and Finance Committee: The purpose of this committee is to review and make recommendations concerning AMWA's fiscal policies, budget and reserve, and endowment funds.

June Baldwin
Adriana Caballero, PhD
Susan Krug, MS, CAE (ex officio)
Cyndy Kryder, MS, CCC-Sp (ex officio)
Alice Pappas, RD
Julie Phelan, MD, MBA (Chair)
Whitney Smalley-Freed, PhD
Kathy Spiegel, PhD, MWC (ex officio)
Kristina Wasson-Blader, PhD
Christine Wogan, MS, ELS

Constitution and Bylaws Committee: The purpose of this committee is to review requests for changes to AMWA's Constitution and Bylaws and chapter bylaws. 

Tom Annesley, PhD
James R. Cozzarin, ELS, MWC
Elise Eller, PhD
Gail Flores, PhD (Chair)
Denise Galipeau, MSc
Susan Krug, MS, CAE (ex officio)
Cyndy Kryder, MS, CCC-Sp (ex officio)

Anita Misra-Press, PhD
Steve Palmer, PhD
Kathy Spiegel, PhD, MWC (ex officio)

Nominating Committee: The purpose of this committee is to put forth a slate of individuals for nomination to the positions of secretary, treasurer, and president-elect of AMWA.

Esther Brooks-Asplund, PhD, RAC
Karen Klein, MA, ELS
Susan Krug, MS, CAE (ex-officio)
Jennifer Minarcik, MS
Jill Roberts, MS
Dikran Toroser, PhD
Roshawn Watson, PharmD, PhD, RPh
Ann Winter-Vann, PhD (Chair)

2018 – 2019 Chapter Advisory Council

The AMWA Chapter Advisory Council maintains a connection between chapter leaders and the AMWA Board of Directors and advises on organizational strategy and issues related to AMWA chapters.

Barbara Arnoldussen, Northern California
Jennifer Bridgers, MS, MWC, Carolinas
Katrina Burton, Southwest (Chair)
Lisa Carricaburu, MBA, Rocky Mountain
Sarah Dobney, MPH, Ohio Valley
Andrea Gwosdow, PhD, New England
Mary Knatterud, PhD, North Central
Kim Korwek, PhD, Southeast
Barbara Lightfoot, CCRP, Indiana
Julie Munden, Delaware Valley
Leslie Neistadt, ELS, Mid-America
Shara Pantry, PhD, Florida
Sarah Prins, PhD, Greater Chicago Area
Jill Roberts, MS, Mid-Atlantic
Anjani Shah, PhD, Empire State - Metro New York


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