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Read the Applicant and Candidate Handbook.
The Applicant and Candidate Handbook provides in-depth information to help you understand the qualifications of the program and identify the skills and knowledge needed to prepare for the exam. For a more detailed explanation of what activities constitute 2 years of paid medical writing experience, including examples, please see our Qualifying Work Experience document.


The MWC® application is designed to determine your eligibility to sit for the exam. Follow the steps below to apply.

Once the application is complete, submit it with all additional materials by mail to AMWA. Upon review by the MWC Commission, you will receive an email regarding your eligibility status. If you are deemed eligible to sit for the exam, a link will be provided to register (the exam fee is $495).


Upcoming Exam Dates, Deadlines, and Locations

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Each deadline listed below is the date by which an application must be received to be considered for the following exam dates.

December 1-21, 2019
Applications due by October 22, 2019.

June 1-21, 2020
Applications due by May 4, 2020.

December 1-21, 2020
Applications due by November 3, 2020.

Location: An IQT testing center near you! Visit for the list of locations.

*Approved candidates schedule an examination appointment within this date range at their preferred testing center. Examination appointments are subject to availability depending on the testing center.

 Visit the MWC® FAQ page for more information.

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