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Basic Grammar and Usage

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Thorough knowledge of parts of speech is truly basic to good writing and editing. This workbook focuses on parts of speech and their use in the sentence. Types of nouns and pronouns, verb tense, pronouns and case, phrases and clauses, and the types of sentences are some of the primary topics.

Included with this self-study workbook is a quiz for credit towards the AMWA Essential Skills Certificate and a laminated quick reference guide. 

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*Exercises and answers are presented at the end of every chapter.

Section I: The Parts of Speech
Chapter 1: Verbs
A. The Function of Verbs
B. The Types of Verbs 
Transitive Verbs/Intransitive Verbs/
Linking Verbs/Passive Voice Verb Forms/
The Tenses of Verbs/The Predicate

Chapter 2: Other Parts of Speech

Section II: Sentences and Sentence Elements
Chapter 3: Complements
A. Predicate Noun
B. Predicate Adjective

Chapter 4: Phrases and Clauses
A. Phrases 
Prepositional Phrases/Participial Phrases
B. Clauses
Independent Clauses/Dependent Clauses

Chapter 5: Sentence Types
A. Simple Sentence
B. Compound Sentence
C. Complex Sentence
D. Compound-Complex Sentence

Section III: Basic Rules of Grammar
Chapter 6: Subject-Verb Agreement
Intervening Phrases/Each of Every/Either or; Neither nor/False Singulars and Plurals/
There are Here/The number; A number/
And; as well as/One who/Verbs and Complements/None

Chapter 7: Pronoun Usage
A. Who or Whom?
B. Vague Antecedent
C. Pronoun-Antecedent Disagreement
D. Reflexive Pronouns

Chapter 8: Restrictive and Nonrestrictive Elements
A. Appositives
B. Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses
C. That or Which?

Chapter 9: Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
A. Misplaced Modifiers
B. Dangling Modifiers
C. Problems With Participles
Based on/Using/Compared to, Compared with

Chapter 10: Comparisons
A. Problem 1: Misusing the Markers of Comparison
B. Problem 2: Comparing Things That Can't Be Compared
C. Problem 3: Writing Absolute Statements as Comparison

Section IV: Usage
Chapter 11: Choosing the Right Word
A. When Your Spell-Checker Won't Help

B. Using the Correct Word
Continual/Continuous/Different from/
Different than/Due/Because/Fewer/
Whether/Imply/Infer/Major/Main/Prior to/Before/Quantify/Quantitate/Measure/

C. Words That Should Never Be Used
Author (as a verb)/Biopsy (as a verb)/Impact (as a verb meaning affect)/Likely (as an adverb)

Conclusion/Glossary/Sources Used

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